About Us

We employ a range of education specialists – teachers, psychologists and other practitioners with a deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of education. Our team of over 200 employees and associates bring years of experience to you. We take continuous professional development seriously – our skills are what we do – and our chartered professionals in psychology and SALT maintain full chartered and professional status.

Very approachable, quick to respond, passionate and committed.

We work with:

  • Schools – we collaborate with and support teachers and other staff to manage and meet complex and changing needs, adopt best practice and build their professional experience and confidence
  • Families – we work in partnership with families to help meet the needs of children and young people, supporting their access and enjoyment of education and providing additional opportunities for them to develop and learn
  • Children and young people – we work directly with children and young people to improve their resilience and self-esteem, and meet their educational needs

We do this by:

  • Providing advice to guide and develop your knowledge  and  understanding  of  a wide spectrum of needs, behaviours and education related issues
  • Providing training/CPD on a one to one or group basis, either during the school day or in twilight sessions
  • Providing the resources you need to carry out interventions to support children and young people
  • Supporting parents / carers through our bespoke range of parenting programmes
  • Working with schools, families and others to signpost children and young people to more specialist services
  • Providing more intensive and targeted support, as required