Our Services

We have structured our services into three core areas:

Advice and Support – working with schools and families to support children and young people to access and enjoy education, at school, at home or in other settings

Access – providing teaching and educational psychology expertise to support teachers, teaching assistants, parents/carers and others in developing their practice and confidence, and working with small groups or individual children and young people to understand and support their particular needs and talents.

SEN – supporting those with special educational needs, their families/carers and schools to provide advice, advocacy and training as well as the provision of home to school transport and other practical help.

You can also find links here to the Sutton Music Service website and to the Sutton ‘SACRE’ pages relating to religious education in the Borough.

Cognus Service standards   

These are our commitments to you:

  1. Friendly and impartial advice at all times
  2. Guaranteed response times and timescales for service delivery
  3. Prompt and effective response to all communication
  4. Monitoring of service delivery to ensure standards are maintained
  5. Providing joining instructions and location maps for suitable training venues
  6. Providing reports of activities and evaluations within an agreed timescale
  7. Arrangements for specific quality assurance and the application of nationally recognised professional standards
  8. Process for agreeing variations of the service on a case by case basis

You can access our key external policies and operating standards on this page, including Safeguarding.