Elective Home Education (EHE)

Every family has the right to educate their child at home.

Educating children at home, works well when it is a positive, informed and dedicated choice. For some families it is a choice made for philosophical, spiritual or religious reasons and for some it is a choice made to meet a child’s specific needs. 


Cognus, is responsible for making sure that all home educated children are receiving suitable education and offer advice and guidance to known home-educating families


If you are thinking of educating your child at home, or are home educating and require information, support or guidance please contact the Cognus Inclusion Coordinator

Contact Details:
Direct Number:  07508 984925
Email: EHE@cognus.org.uk

Useful Documents

DfE Elective Home Education – Guidance for Parents

DfE Elective Home Education – Guidance for Local Authorities

Elective Home Education Policy