Sutton Virtual School for Children Looked After

What is Sutton Virtual School?

Sutton Virtual School acts as a local authority champion to promote the progress and educational attainment of Children Looked After (CLA) and Previously Looked After (PCLA)  so they achieve educational outcomes comparable to their peers. Ensuring that they receive a high quality education is the foundation for improving their lives.

Sutton Virtual School does not exist in real terms, or as a building. Children do not attend it – they remain the responsibility of the school at which they are enrolled. Sutton Virtual School is an organisation which has been created for the effective co-ordination of educational services at a strategic and operational level.

What do we do?

  • Influence policy and develop and improve services for CLA and PCLA.
  • Promote individual achievement and wellbeing.
  • Provide advice, support and training to professionals, schools, colleges and institutions.
  • Improve access to specialist services.
  • Provide access to professional advice and guidance on education, training and employment.
  • Provide additional opportunities for out of school learning and leisure.
  • Facilitate access to early education and child care.

How are we organised?

The Headteacher of Sutton Virtual School is Kate Leyshon   07515137705                

Virtual School Assessment and Quality Assurance Managers

Track and monitor the progress of CLA on their case load, co-ordinating support to raise their attainment according to an assessment of their needs. They quality assure education and transition plan for all CLA modelling and sharing best planning practice.

Moira Adams              07534539588

Sara Martin                 07534528680

Donna Spiller              07534525344

Bianca Powell-Norris 07956932688

Carolyn Ankrah           07736338158

Virtual School Liaison Officer

To provide first point of contact for enquiries and maintain administration support for the service. To compile and maintain accurate data on pupil register, attendance and finance tracking PPG for CLA.

Karen Hopson              07508984934

Virtual School Trauma and Attachment Advisor

Working with schools to develop strategies to support Children Looked After and Previously Looked After with needs related to trauma and attachment.

Sasha-Gay Brown