Designated Teacher training

Sutton Virtual School is committed to ensuring Designated Teachers can receive access to regular high quality training to support them in their role.  Below we have a short video giving an introduction to the Sutton PEP process.

There is a termly network meeting opportunity for Designated Teachers based in Sutton and we are hoping to expand this to all Designated Teachers nationally with a Sutton Looked After Child in their school.

Meetings in 2020/21

Summer term 2020  meeting – cancelled due to COVID-19

16th March 2020
Restorative Practice to support Children Looked After and Previously Looked After
The impact of trauma on communication and learning and how to provide appropriate support
Achievement for All – best practice for working with Children Looked After and Previously Looked After

28th November 2019
To provide a full update on DfE guidance for Designated Teachers since the updates in 2018
To provide an understanding of Sutton Virtual School and how we can support you in your role
To overview the Graduated Response for Preventing Exclusion launched in September 2019 in Sutton