IT Move FAQ’s


Do I need to do anything with my data?

As long as your data is on your Google Drive or the N drive this will be copied across for you.

What if I have data on my local device?

This will not copy across so please make sure you move it to your Google Drive or N drive as soon as possible.

What will happen to files and folders saved on the desktop?

The desktop will not be copied across so you need to make sure you save these either onto the N drive or your Google drive.

Will my favourites be copied across?

No. Please follow the instructions on this link or on the website as to how to back up your favourites.

Will I still be able to access Synergy?

Yes. You should already have access to the Synergy webpage. If you don’t have a synergy login please contact Suzie –

Will I get new hardware?

Yes. Staff will be issued with a laptop or desktop and the Chrome books will go back to Sutton.

When will I get my new hardware?

Some devices have already been issued and the bulk of those remaining will be available the week after half term.

Will Egress work on Outlook?

Yes and it should be simpler than within Gmail.

What happens to my shortcuts?

Your shortcuts will no longer work as the files and locations they point to will all change which will mean that the short cut will no longer work. It would be sensible to make a list of shortcuts you use regularly so you can recreate in the new environment.

Will I keep my landline number?

No. All landline numbers will change and most of those with mobile phones will not have landline numbers. If you have a public facing landline number please make sure that it has been given to Suzie or Inigo to have a temporary voicemail placed on it. In certain cases you may wish to get in touch with your contacts directly.

What will happen to my mobile phone?

This will need to be set to factory default so that the Sutton “mobile device management” software can be removed and the new software installed. It would be sensible to make sure you copy off any photos you need and ensure your contacts are saved within google so they move as part of your google account or on your SIM. Staff will be advised when the date of the factory reset has been agreed however please do not leave this until the last minute.

What will happen with printing?

From 20th February the Ricoh printers belonging to Sutton will be turned off and removed. An interim arrangement will be that if you have a new device you will be able to directly connect this, using a cable, to the printer and print. If you have a desktop then there will be a laptop with both the ground floor and top floor printer where you can email to and then open the email on the laptop and connect the laptop to the printer and print.

Will I still use iTrent?

iTrent will still be used until the end of March when we will move to a new HR solution called Cascade. Those staff who are seconded or book leave through LBS will continue to use iTrent.

What if I use other LBS software through Modern Desktop?

If you use other software through modern desktop you should have already let Suzie or Inigo know about this to retain access. If you haven’t already done this please do so as a matter of urgency. Access will only be arranged for those who need and have requested it.

How will I book a meeting room?

Calendars for the 5 Cognus rooms will be created in Outlook. You will no longer be able to book Sutton rooms.

What if I still need access to Google?

Google access will be removed from 31 March for Cognus email addresses. If you retain a Sutton email address you should retain access to Google however you may wish to confirm this with your relevant local authority contact.

If there are any other questions you have please contact or