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Executive functions: Introduction 


Sasha-Gay Brown (Trauma and Attachment Advisor, Virtual School) and Dr Kate Payne (Educational Psychologist) introduce the executive function and trauma series. Executive function is an umbrella term for the interrelated cognitive processes involved in executing a task. It helps to monitor and control our thoughts and actions. Some children and young people may have had adverse experiences in their childhood resulting in trauma and attachment difficulties. This can result in a difficulty in the development of their executive function skills and therefore may impact on the cognitive processes required to achieve in school and complete everyday tasks. This video is aimed at foster carers, parents and school staff supporting children and young people who may have had adverse experiences in their early life and provides a summary of the impact of trauma on development and what executive functions are.


The following information focuses on the various themes from our recent  virtual coffee mornings hosted by one of our Educational Psychologists.

Including ideas to support the children’s transition back to school, whether it be in the coming weeks or later in the year.  There are also tips on home-schooling strategies and exploring ways we can support our children and young people around anxieties related to returning to school.  We hope you find these resources useful.

  1. Preparing to return to school
  2. Home based learning strategies
  3. Calming strategies to support mental health and learning