Designated Teacher training

Sutton Virtual School is committed to ensuring Designated Teachers can receive access to regular high quality training to support them in their role.  Please see below training for both face to face sessions and also our online library of training.


Place2be is a children’s mental health charity that provides counselling and mental health support and training in UK schools.

They  are now offering direct online support groups for teachers, led by a qualified practitioner to help process classroom experiences and wellbeing support. Click on this link to register!

Sutton Virtual School Designated Teacher training 

Please click the links below to sign up to the face to face training sessions

  1. Training for new Designated Teacher (live virtual training)

Attendees to include :

    • All new Designated Teachers based in Sutton
    • All Designated Teachers with a Sutton Child Looked After not based in Sutton

Summer term – currently on hold due to COVID restrictions.


Designated Teacher online training library

Designated Teacher training:

Introduction to PEPs